Green Corn Project

Green Corn Project garden installation at Mary Lee foundation

On Saturday we all met up at the day center at Mary Lee foundation. Green Corn project brought volunteers. We had decided on a spot, but when everyone looked at it, it was decided the dirt was too poor and needed to be raised beds. There was an area around a tree that had already a raised bed that was deemed suitable. There were many there, possibly fifty people all working. So in no time we got out the weeds took away old rocks cleared out old edging.

Next there was a discussion on what double-digging means. First digging a trench at one end, you loosen the soil and move careful the soil from the second trench. Carefully you try not to disturb it, going across this way. Then finally you put the compost on top.

Then we talked about what plants are going to be put in. Tomatoes, eggplant, rosemary, green beans, cucumber, oregano. All delicious!

Then we talked about how to gently water with a hose, producing a stream like rain, very gently on the garden.








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